Sunday, February 28, 2010


 Marcy has lived with us for a little over a year now, so we thought it would be a good time to give an update on her: she's doing just fine.
 When she first moved in with us, the house was bustling with activity. She moved in with me, my wife, my son, his wife, and our 16 year old beagle Cory. Cory passed away last summer and David and Lucy moved out in the fall, so it is just me, my wife and Marcy now.
 Marcy misses David and Lucy, but she still gets to see them. I think she misses Cory the most, as they spent all day and night together. I hadn't realized how much dogs appreciate a second dog until we got Marcy (Cory liked having Marcy around, too).
But she's adapted just fine and everyone who knows her loves her. We've had her a year and I still have not heard her growl - ever. She'll bark one single bark when the doorbell rings, and today for the first time I heard her bark once at a crow in the back yard. She's doing mighty fine for a 12 year old dog (born June 30, 1997). She made her first trip to the vet under our care last week, and our vet instantly fell in love with her and gave her a clean bill of health. Hopefully she's got many more moons with us.

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