Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving: Troy at 1 Month

 Time for a Troy update! He brought his parents over for Thanksgiving dinner and it was surprising how much he had progressed in such a short amout of time. He very clearly uses his eyes to track and watch things...we're not sure how clearly he sees, but he definitely knows he is looking at something.
 Here is Lucy with her son. She is such a loving mother that we have no doubt that Troy is going to grow up in the best possible environment. It is also fun to see how just the sound of her voice sooths him and makes him feel secure.
 Grandma (we still don't like the sound of that) is just as tickled as Lucy and holds Troy at every opportunity. It won't be long before Troy will know his grandparents by sight and voice also...we're working on it!
 All these photos are from Thanksgiving, but they also brought Troy over last night...we have re-started the tradition my folks had with us...having us over every Sunday for dinner. It works well on many levels...we get to see Troy, they get out of the house for awhile, and Lucy gets a night where she doesn't have to make dinner. Everyone wins!
 Our son Ron came down for Thanksgiving and was able to see and hold his nephew for the first time...he was so thrilled...he's very into children.
 Troy is still not sleeping through the night, getting up roughly every two hours. Lucy is trying a new strategy by keeping him up as long as possible during the evening. Last night we all chipped in...he woke up at 6 PM when they came over, and working as a team we were able to keep him awake until almost 8:30 before there was no stopping those eyes from closing. He was a very good kid even when he got crying, no fussing, just a gentle drift off into the land of harps and sheep...
Good night, Troy. See you on the other side.

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KB said...

What a gorgeous little peanut. I'm waiting for one of my brothers-in-law and their wives to have a baby so I can finally get my baby fix. I don't want another of my own, but I sure wouldn't mind helping with someone else's. :-)