Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Ball at the Hard Rock Casino

We attended the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas....what fun! Next year, we think we'll go again...but just hang out. We don't think we'll buy tix to the was way too crowded inside, but from the casino floor we could see all the great costumes. Here is Nikki as St. Pauli Girl....

I had Lederhosen (which I did wear), but I looked much better in my horns and fu man chu...I used this look Fri night and all day Sat...we went to the pool during the day on Sat, so I lounged poolside in a swimsuit, sunglasses, and horns. A lot of ppl got a kick out of it...a lot of fun!

Here's Nikki again in our hotel room at the Venetian. Very nice room, but waaay too much gold color in there for us! We prefer more of a modern look.

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