Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hasen-Brau AGWW Wick-Werke Beer Steins

 A few years back, I inherited a set of German beer steins from my mother, who received them from her parents who lived in Germany in the 1950s.  The set consists of 3L, 2L, 1L, and .5L steins.
 I did some research online and found these are for Hasen-Brau beer from Augsburg, Germany.  "Hasen-Brau" is "Hare Brew" in English.  This is a close-up of the 3L and 2L.  I have yet to see any steins online with this exact design.  All that I have found so far seem to be of a more modern design.
 A close-up of the back side of the 3L.  They are in untouched condition - I haven't even dusted them!
 I also did research into the symbol on the bottom - AGWW.  This is the mark of Wick Werke A.G., a company that existed 1921 to 1984.  Prior to that, the predecessor company was Merkelbach & Wick which was founded in the town of Grenzhausen (later merged with its neighbor to become Hohr-Grenzhausen) in 1880.  The company specialized in beer steins, ewers, and vases.  Online, the Porcelain Marks And More site states this particular mark was used 1921-1937, while the Stein Marks site says it was used 1921 through the mid 1950s.  The latter rings true to me since my grandparents were in Germany in the mid 1950s.  I am assuming these mugs date to that era.
 On the back is this logo reading "Zinn Giesser Qualitats Marke".  If anyone know any more about these steins, please drop me a note as I'd love to know more!

Also...from my research online I believe the entire set is worth no more than $100, so I'm not worried about becoming the target of theft by posting this.  :-)
 Hasen-Brau still exists in Germany, and here is their website!  Basically, the headline states that the site is under construction, so I'll be checking back regularly.
 I also followed the address listed at the bottom of the website using Google Maps and found that location does indeed exist in Augsburg, where the "A" mark is to the left.
 A close-up of the build does appear to be a modern brewery.  The green trucks also match the green Hasen-Brau trucks I see in photos of the city of Augsburg.  Though I don't read German, I have stumbled across some photos of what appear to be the original Hasen-Brau brewery being torn down recently.  That's a shame as it was a much more elegant building than the typical metal industrial building shown here.
 I also found that Wick-Werke made some very fine looking containers, such as this one.  It appears to be from the early 1900s and is going for about $300-400.  A much nicer piece (and worth more $$) than what I have.
The AGWW company folded in 1984 and the factory that made the steins I have was torn down in 1999.  I have not been able to find any photos of that factory.

Again, if you have any info on the steins, on Hasen-Brau, or on AGWW please drop me a note!


Colin Vogt said...

Those steins are wonderful! I have actually drunk Hasenbrau in one of the brewery's bars in Augsburg and very nice it was too. Hang on to the steins, better to have them than the $100!

michael mcphee said...

I own a matching 5L stein. If you ever consider selling let me know.

Dino said...

I'd pay $175 if that makes it worth the trouble.

J said...

Hi Dino,

Thanks for the offer but I think we'll keep'em. They are as close as we come to a family heirloom. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

What a treasure you have. Many fond memories of touring the old brewery in Augsburg, which always ended with a fine German meal and plenty of Hasen Brau to sample.
I left Augsburg in 1998. Didn't realize until seeing your site, that the old brewery was torn down in 99. Thanks for sharing.
John in San Diego

Dionisio Ramos said...

Hey J

It's been a few years now and I'm still an avid collector. What would it take for you to break up with this set :)

Dionisio Ramos said...

Michael McPhee are you willing to sell the 5L ?