Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Day / Mateo at 3 months

 Christmas Day!  Troy is 2 and Mateo is 3 months old at this point in time.  It is a great year for opening presents!
 Troy immediately jumped on his new rocking spring horse as soon as he arrived.  Well, new to him.  This one is about 40 years old and still rides well.

 Marcy is still hanging in there.

 Mateo just soaking it all in.
 Next year, Mateo.  Those limbs will work and you can participate more!

 Ron taking Troy's photo.
 Troy insisting that Mateo ride also.

 David and Lucy opening presents.

 Even Captain America came by.

 We also got Troy a second, bigger horse for him to grow into - which he did in a matter of hours!

 Naptime to Mateo.

 Two brothers.

 Lucy and Mateo after dinner.

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