Sunday, January 2, 2011

Troy's First Christmas

Well, okay, technically his second Christmas. But he was only 2 months old for his first. He still didn't quite get the idea of what it is all about, but he did enjoy the gifts.

I know this is a long post with LOTS of videos, just watch what you want. Probably only those of you who know Troy personally will sit through them all!

Opening his first present:

Cookie Monster and a book:


Hi I'm Chuck:

Those Bows Look Nice:

Elmo and Cookie Monster:

Playing with the Tupperware:

Holiday Onrnaments:

Opening More Presents:


Troy hugging his Dad:

Rockin' Elmo:

Cookie and Elmo:

Opening Troy's Pooh Riding Toy:

And of course, a film of Marcy at 13 years of age:

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