Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pre-Christmas Troy

 When these photos were taken last Sunday, Troy was 8 weeks and 2 days old. He's coming right along, this boy!
He was feeling a little under the weather the previous Friday, so we decided to go to David and Lucy's for Sunday dinner instead of making Troy travel. He was awake and alert and ready to play! Well, as much as an 8 week on can play.
 I call this one "Skeptical Troy"...maybe he's still skeptical about the camera. Lucy says he's sleeping for six hour stretches at night now, much better than the 2 hours he was doing at Thanksgiving.
 He was very fidgety this particular evening and we were having a hard time getting him to be still for even an instant for photos. But we managed to get a few really good ones - these are my favorite photos of Troy yet.
 We bought dinner at Olive Garden and brought it over with us so nobody had to cook...we could all just enjoy the evening...and we did.
 Eventually we all moved to the floor so Troy could stretch out on a blanket. At this point, he is able to hold his head up, turn his head, and track objects with his eyes. I held up the camera case and made it bob across his line of sight, and he tracked it very well back and forth several times.
 David said he was imitating the cooing sounds that Lucy was making earlier in the day, so he starting to communicate more too. He doesn't have much control of his arms and legs yet, but it is obvious he is trying....that development will be fun to watch in the next few weeks.
One last photo before Troy had his dinner....he is very photogenic and a natural born poser...just like his Lucy, David, and my wife. Hmmm...I guess I'm the only one in the family who missed the posing gene... Anyway, hopefully we'll get more photos at Christmas....

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Mina said...

He's so adorable:) his facial expressions are priceless, sure he'd be happy to read your blog in time:)

By the way thanks for dropping a comment in my blog 24 Hour Paradigm, see you around:)